Alot of our customers have already been in touch to tell us they are de-cluttering and looking to sell there unwanted items, as due to the current circumstances of Covid 19 alot of our clients are now at home with lots more time on there hands and looking for ways to free up some extra cash.

And not just because it provides more space in your home and your closets but it can raise some much needed funds at this uncertain time.

It may be an old engagement ring or wedding ring, or other diamond jewelry which you no longer wear and is sat in your jewellery box gathering dust, why not clear out your jewellery box and raise some extra funds at the same time !

Now is also a good time to sell your gold, as the price of gold is at a 7 year high so if you have any old jewellery even odd earrings or broken chains ect we can purchase it our online process is simple and secure you can sell from the confort of your own home, you can send it to us free of charge fully insured. Once recieved we let you know our offer and if you choose ot accept our offer you will recieve the payment within 1 working day via bank transfer.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying ! Just Click The Trust Pilot Icon Below To Read All Our Reviews. 

Trust Pilot REviews for jewellery buyers

Trust Pilot Review 1 is the leading Online Jewellery Buyer providing a sercue online service so you can sell your jewellery safely and recieve faster payment within 24 hours of accepting our offer.

.Trust Pilot Review 2

We pay to top prices for your unwanted gold, silver and diamond jewellery we buy all kinds of gold jewellery no matter what the condition, and we pay extra for each gemstone or diamonds.

We also purchase designer handbags mainly Louis Vuitton, Hermes, And Chanel, so if your using this time like lots of other clients to have a clear out and de-clutter your wardrobe and jewellery box are great places to start where you can free up some extra cash by selling what you no longer need. has been found to be the best online place to get the highest price for gold per ounce for your scrap gold, whether you are selling jewelry or scrap gold or gold coins, as well as diamonds or diamond set jewellery.

Where to start with your de-cluttering to raise cash ?


de clutter your home

The contents of your jewelry box is a good place to start as there might be items you no longer wear or need that you would be suprised by the value off today.

By clearing out your jewellery box and selling your old engagement ring through reputable online jewellery buyer like us you can quickly turn that diamond jewellery or scrap gold into cash by using our simple online service.

The First Step Is To Just Fill In Our Online Enquiry Form By Clicking Below Here To Receive Your Quote

Receive Your Quote

 If Your Asking ?

“Is it worth it to selling my old jewellery?”

Answer: Gold prices per ounce have been at a 7 year high in the last few months. The market for diamonds it also at high prices currenlty . Once you have filled in our online enquiry form above a member of our appraisal team will get back to you within 24 hours to let you know our estimate.

If your happy with our estimate you have 2 options to proceed with selling you can either request one of our pre-paid packs that covers insurance by ticking this option on the enquiry form above so you can send your jewellery via post fully insured and tracked. 

Or we can arrange a collection via our royal mail parcel force courier service so you can send it from your home ( Alot of our clients don’t currently want to leave the house given the current situation with Covid 19 so this option gives peace of mind that you can still safely sell your items without leaving your house).

Just request a collection on the enquiry form when filling in the details of the items you wish to sell.

The power of decluttering is especially true for women going through the end of a relationship: a divorce, the end of a serious, long-term romantic relationship, or even the death of a loved one, It can feel like a weight lifted and a positive step moving on.

Right now lots of our customers are at home now due to the circumstances and in need of cash this is a great way to stay safe at home and still raise the cash you need.  The best part is the payment is fast and selling with us is simple and secure.

It may help towards paying off debt or some bills that are comming in now! Or you can use it to treat yourself to something new or save it for a future holiday.


If your thinking where can I sell my wedding ring or engagement ring online then hopefully we are the answer.  Selling your wedding ring or engagement ring with us is easy, it dosen’t matter what condition the ring/rings are in we will still make an offer on them.

Our prices are very competitive on the current market.

As well as selling your wedding ring, you can also sell your necklace, tennis bracelet old watch and earrings if no longer want or need them.

It’s best to sell while the price is high for gold and for diamond jewellery and now is the bet time to sell.

sell gold

How much is a wedding ring worth?

The higher the karat amount, the more valuable it is and the value of gold is based on the weight the heavier the piece the higher the value.

Our Prices change daily as we work on the most upt to date prices to make sure we offer our customers as much as possible.

First you need to try to find out the KRT of gold this is stamped on the inside of the ring most of the time.

Your may see the following stamps.

how to tell what Krt My gold Is
Once you know the KRT Of the gold you just need to find out the weight, you can use kitchen scales to get a rough idea on the weight once you know these 2 pieces of information you can fill in our online enquiry form by clicking below and we can let you know our estimate.
best place to sell jewellery
Selling online is a great option now for many reasons
  • Convenient, as you don’t have to drive around town looking for the best price. We will send you our a pre-paid pack thats fully insured or can arrange a collection so you can sell your gold jewellery without having to leave your home.
  • Transparent we are a trust worthy company you can see from our trust pilot reivews that our customers are very happy with the service and you can rest assured it’s a secure service we provide and selling your jewellery to us is simple.companies 
  • We are a member of the NAG
  • Competitive prices – we pay top prices for your gold and diamond jewellery we work on the most upto date market prices that change on a daily basis to ensure we offer out customers that maximum price for there gold jewellery.
You can read our most recent reviews from our customers here on Trust Pilot 
best place to sell old jewelery
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