There is different ways you can pay for your holiday on a credit card can add hundreds of pounds to the cost. Save up for it, and you’ll come home more relaxed not having to worry about extra charges on your credit card. In this blog you can find a step-by-step guide on how you could save up for your next holiday.

Pay With Cash

Saving up for your holiday and paying for it with cash is most likely the best option for your finances.

But if you can save up the full amount in cash, paying for your holiday with a credit card might be a good idea as it’s likely to be protected under the Consumer Credit Act.

This means you might be able to make a claim if the airline or holiday company happens to go bust or the holiday if the holiday wasn’t as described which unforutaltey happens sometimes.

But you might already have similar protection if your holiday is covered by ATOL.

Paying by Credit Card

Paying fo your holiday with credit card is only a good idea if you can pay off your bill quickly and in full with the cash you’ve already saved up.

Otherwise, you could be paying hundreds of pounds extra in interest which can take a while to pay off.

Some travel firms also charge you a fee for using a credit card to pay for your holiday.

Paying for a £1,800 family holiday could cost you over £400 extra if you pay by credit card but don’t pay in full when your next statement arrives.

If you’d rather have £300 to spend on your holiday, check our our tips below to save some extra cash.

Step 1 – Set Your Budget

 It’s critical to figure out how much you want to save and how much you can afford to put aside each month.

Make sure you look at the full cost of your holiday

  • Accommodation
  • Sun cream and toiletries
  • Travel (flights or fuel costs)
  • Holiday clothes and swimwear
  • Car hire (and car excess insurance)
  • Travel Money
  • Travel insruance
  • Excursions
  • Holiday treats
  • Entertainment
  • Food and drink

Make sure to factor in all of these costs before you start to save as you will know for sure what your saving goal will then be.

 Step 2 – Start saving

 If you get paid weekly try to save an amount each week, if you get paid monthly try to save an amount for your holiday fund each month.

It can be touch to save in the current economic climate we are in with the cost of living rising, but try to make small savings where possible it soon all ads up.

 You don’t miss what you don’t have try to treat your savings the same as paying a bill, and commit to saving a regular sum each week or month.

 But be realistic – it’s better to commit to a small, manageable sum than to try too hard and give up or leave yourself short.

 If you don’t know if you can even afford to save? Start small by putting spare change into a jar each week. If this works, set aside a bit more on a regular basis.

Cut Spending Costs

how to cut your spending costs

Look at your spending each week/month are there any ways you can reduce your spending on non essentials such as below.

Food. Get organized with a meal plan to cook the majority of your meals at home. Cut your grocery bill by serving some meatless meals or casual dinners such as grill cheese and tomato soup to save on overall costs. And of course, use coupons where possible

 Cut Out Eating Out

 Cut Out Take Aways 

 Cancel unused digital/satellite television channels 

 Invest in a cheap freeview box instead. 

 If you buy a magazine every month, take out a subscription 

It is cheaper and many magazines offer a free gift.

 Organise nights in with your friends and family

Avoid expensive taxi journeys home from town, just get them to bring a bottle.

 Try camping or house swapping with friends to

take a break from the norm for a different type of holiday

Ways to get extra cash

Look for items in your home and attatic that you no longer want or need, it it’s just sitting gathering dust or you haven’t used the item in a year are so the chances are you won’t miss it and it could earn you some extra cash for your holiday.

This is where we can help our customers, if you have any old jewellery you no longer want or need, why not turn it into cash for your holiday.  We buy gold, silver and diamond jewellery no matter what the condition, we do take into consideration any gemstones or diamonds we asseess each stone indiviudally to ensure you get the most value for your jewellery.

We have lots of clients who have odd earrings or broken necklaces they no longer wear in their jewellery box this is a great way to get fast cash.  We also now buy designer handbags, such as  Louis Vuitton; Hermes; Celine; Prada; Mulberry; Chanel and Gucci – among many others.

So why not have a look in your jewellery box to see what you no longer wear, or if your going through a divorce and and are looking to sell your old engagment or wedding ring why not receive a free quote from us.

All of our team are highly expereinced and fully qualified jewellers and diamond graders, and we work on the current most uptodate gold and diamond prices.  The gold price flucuates twice daily and we update our prices daily to reflect this to ensure you get the maximum price possible for your unwanted jewelery.

Our process is simple and secure !


1) Fill in the online enquiry form below with details about the item/ items you wish to sell, you can also upload photos to help us provide you with an estimate.  Please include as much detail as you know inlcuding the carat of the gold, weight of the items, ect.  Once your enquiry has been received a member of our appraisal team will be in touch to provide you with an estimate.

2) If you would like to send your items to us for appraisal and for us to make you an offer simply tick the box option below to receive a prepaid pack which covers insurance of your jewellery.  Please include your full address in the description box, we will then arrange a pack to be sent to you..

3) Upon receipt of your jewellery will will let you know it has arrived safely and one of our expert appraisal team value your jewellery and make you an offer under no obligation.

4) If you accept our offer we can transfer the funds to your bank account, if you do not wish to accept our offer we will simply send your jewellery back to you the same way via fully insured post.

5) Home visits are also available pleae see at the bottom of this page for details on booking a home visit with a member of our appraisal team.



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