Selling Inherited Jewellery can be somewhat overwhelming and a bit complicated.   Not only will you need to work through any lingering emotions attached to the piece that the person has left  you,  but you will  also need to figure out how selling procedures work and where to start. We regularly deal with customers in this very same position and want to offer some assistance with selling your inherited jewelry to make the process less complex and daunting.

Alot of people feel guilty about selling on something that has been left by a loved one however it is nothing to feel ashamed about.  If you are not going to wear it then it’s just going to sit in the drawer and alot of the time the person who left it to you would rather see you enjoy the proceeds of it , ie a holiday, or maybe exchange it for a new piece of jewellery that you would wear.

Here we have put together a simple guide to selling your inherited jewellery online.

What to do first?

The first step is to find out exactly what you have. It’s helpful if you have paperwork that goes with the jewellery ie valuations or receipts, appraisals ect your jewelry.   If you do have the paperwork you can begin the process of searching for a reputable buyer either online or in a jewellers or auction house.

If you cannot find any paperwork don’t worry there is a simple solution. We suggest taking the piece to a local jeweler who will be able to verbally appraise your items. Some of the key questions to be asked include:

  • What metal is the jewelry  made of (gold/silver/platinum etc.)
  • What weight is the metal
  • What stones are in the jewelry
  • The carat weight of the stones
  • Clarity, color and cut of the stones
  • Whom the maker is.

What’s Next?

Once you have found out as much as you can about the jewellery, we recommend that you do your own research into diamond and jewelry buyers. Look for an established and reputable company.  Be sure to also check out their online reviews and how their process works.

Online diamond and jewelry buyers will be in the best position to offer you the true value of your items. There are significant drawbacks when using other alternatives:

  • Jewellers offer consignment services but these are lengthy procedures.
  • Listing your items to sell on Ebay or Craigslist can present you with  problems .

Selling online to specialized diamond and jewelry buyers is the fastest and most secure way to get paid a competitive price for your inherited jewelry.

Selling Process

At, we our help clients to sell items of jewelry that they have inherited.  Our process is simple, secure and fast.

  • Fill out our online enquiry form  and a member of our appraisal team will get in touch to provide you with an initial estimate.
  • We can then arrange a prepaid pack to be sent to you for you to send your items (free of charge and fully insured) to our valuations department.

We also offer our clients the opportunity of an exchange the can trade a piece of jewellery they no longer want or wear for another piece of jewellery on our website.

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