With it’s easier than ever to sell your jewellery quickly and securly. Just follow our simple steps of who to sell your jewellery to.

If you are ready to sell your jewellery, you would probably like to know “how much is my jewellery worth?” and “where can I sell my jewellery for the best price?”. In our blog we outline the steps to follow to sell jewellery for the best price:

  • Know the details about your jewellery
  • Choose the right jewellery Buyer
  • Receive a quote on your jewellery
  • Get Your Final Offer And Get Paid

The first step before you sell your jewellery is o know exactly what you have. Get the details together including

  • The Karat of the gold,the gold weight in grms if possible, just using kitchen scales will give you an idea on the weight it won’t be 100% accurate but it will provide you with an estimate on the gold weight.
  • Is the jewellery designer:  Cartier, Chopard, Tiffany ect designer brands will add value to your piece, if you look for stamps on the jewellery it may have the designer on the stamp.
  • Are there any diamonds or gemstones in the jewellery and if so, what is the carat weight of each? If you have any paperwork such as appraisals or receipts it may mention the carat weight of the diamonds/gemstones on there.
  • The Quality of the gemstones.
  • Age: How old is the jewellery if it’s more than 20 years old can classed as vintage, and it the jewellery is over 100 years old it is considered antique.
  • Condition: If the jewellery shows any signs of wear such as scratches or missing stones this will de-value the pieces somewhat.


luxury jewellery buyers

When your looking to sell your jewellery you have lots of different options and factors to consider.

Jewellery Buyers

Sell At Aution – Selling your jewellery at auction the process can take a whitel sometimes as autions are held maybe once a month. It dose involve costs and the aution house will take a percentate of the sale amount and also there may be a listing fee, so make sure before entering your jewellery into a sale you know the full costs involved and how much you will actually walk away with.

Sadly selling at auction there isn’t a guarentee that your jewellery will sell.

Ebay – Selling your jewellery on ebay can be difficult without knowing the secondary market very well and sometimes unfortunatley you do come accross messers and scammers and it can be frustrating. Also again there is no guarantee that your jewellery will sell, sometimes it can take quite a while.

On the Upside, You can set your own reserve price, and you have full control of the sale. There is again fees involved with selling jewellery on ebay so just make sure you work out the full cost of selling the piece before listing the item.

Pawnbrokers –  Unforunateley sometimes pawnbrokers don’t employ jewellery experts who have the knowledge to correctly evaluate your pieces to provide you with an accurate price.

However the process of selling is fast and you should receive cash the same day as selling.

Hatton Garden –  The capital of jewellers in London selling your jewellery in Hatton Garden is an option, unforunatley some not so great dealers are here as well as good an honest dealers so just shop around and don’t accept the first offer you receive.

If you don’t live in London it’s not a great option.

Expert International Jewellery Buyers such as

We make the process of selling your jewellery secure and hassle free we also have home visits available if you have lots of pieces of very valuable pieces to sell. We buy any jewellery from all over the UK and Ireland.

We have a team of expert appraisers who have a vast knowledge of jewellery and can assess your pieces accurately to ensure you receive a fair price.

Why sell your jewellery with

  • Our service is fast
  • Simple
  • Secure
  • We offer free fully insured shipping for you to send your jewellery to our valuations department.
  • Jewellery and diamond experts fully qualified and experienced
  •  Highly Competitive Prices
  • Sell online or home visit by appointment

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