As a first-time watch seller you might want to know, “how can I sell Rolex watches in the UK?”. The good news is that when working with a professional luxury watch buyer such as, selling your Rolex watch is fast, simple and secure.

We have put together a small guide to selling Rolex watches in the UK so that you can sell your Rolex with at ease and with confidence.


 As you want to sell Rolex watches in the UK you will first need to gather as much information as possible about your Luxury timepiece.

When you have all of the necessary information as below, you can contact potential buyers who will be able to provide you with a quotes for your Rolex.

 Try to find out the following details about your Rolex:

Model:  What model is it some Rolex models are in higher demand than others, such as the Rolex Submariner Date reference 116610LV, also known as the “Hulk” for its green dial and bezel.

  • You can easily find your Rolex’s model if you still have the paperwork. The watch’s model number can also be found between its lugs underneath the bracelet.
  • You will need to remove its bracelet to see the model number, it is best to have it removed by a professional to prevent damaging the watch.
  • Age: Know the age of your watch as this will effect the value. For example, an original Rolex DateJust from 1945 will net you a different price than a contemporary model.
  • Condition: The condition of your watch is a very important factor in the value of your Rolex.
  • If your watch has not been regularly serviced, if it has damaged, or has been repaired with components from a different brand ect, this will have a  negative impact its value.
  • Alternatively, if your watch is in good condition with regular servicing this will help to hold the watche’s value.
  • If your watch has sustained some minor damage you should still beable to sell it.
  • Box and Papers: These are the original box and papers that your Rolex came with when purchased. While you can still sell your Rolex watch without its box and papers, having these will illustrate the watch’s authenticity and increase its value. Many watch collectors prefer to buy timepieces with their original box and papers in good condition.

The next step to sell Rolex watches in the UK is to find the right buyer. There are plenty of options available, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each before deciding who to sell with.

So we have listed the most popular Rolex buyers in the UK:

  • Pawnbrokers: This option is for those who wish to sell their Rolex watch locally. Certain pawnbrokers might pay you on the spot for your Rolex in cash.
  • While others sound like a fast and convenient option, keep in mind that pawnshops might not employ experts with the necessary skills to properly evaluate your watch.  As a result of this, the price offered may not be as competitive as it should be from buyer with the right expertise, knowledge and experience.
  • Hatton Garden: Easily accessible to London, Hatton Garden has plenty of Rolex buyers. You can meet with different buyers to find out how much they can offer you for your timepiece.
  • Similarly to pawnshops, not all buyers are experienced enough to accurately assess the value of your Rolex.
  • You will need to be cautious of some buyers who might use sales tactics and just be aware that comparing different buyers in the area is not necessarily likely to be a quick selling process.
  • Auction Houses: Auction houses have been a long-time selling option for high end jewellery and watchs
  • They tend to employ experienced watch experts, you can except to receive an accurate valuation of your Rolex.
  • However you must be willing to wait what could easily be maybe a few months for your Rolex to sell.
  • It will depend on the next auction date, then your watch might not even sell at auction. Also, if your Rolex is bought, the auction house will take a percentage of your profit, the exact amount will vary per auction house so make sure you know going into the sell how much you will be left with at the end of selling.
  • Online Autions: There are multiple online aution sites including ebay that let you create free listings for your Rolex. With an online ad you get to set your ideal price and sell directly to a buyer.
  • While setting your price sounds ideal for trying to get the maximum price for your Rolex, the truth is that accurately pricing a Rolex on the second-hand market is difficult without the necessary industry knowledge.
  • Selling your Rolex via ebay ect is also a waiting game, as it could take time and alot of messing for your rolex to sell.
  • Finally, you must always be wary of scammers and be sure to never disclose personal information.
  • We are expert Rolex buyers with a team of highly experienced and qualified valuers.
  • We offer you the secure and simple process of option of selling online. Thanks to our great network of buyers connections and in-depth understanding of the second-hand luxury timepiece market, we can provide you with a very competitive price your for Rolex watch.
  • We have a team that look at the entire watch market and assess the current rate on a daily basis so that we can offer you the best value on your watch.” Our process is free, safe and can take as little as 48 hours. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and speed of payment.
  • But don’t just take our word for it, read our most recent reviews on our facebook page.

Now that you know how to sell your Rolex watches in the UK, receiving a price quote from is simple. Just fill out our online enquiry form below with information about your Rolex and one of our experts will contact you with a price quote and inform you how you can get the final price for your Rolex.


At we provide you with the most convenient method to sell  your Rolex watch in the UK.

  1. Mail-in your Rolex: We provide a free and fully insured Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack for you to safely send your Rolex to our Head Office in Lancashire.
  2. Once your Rolex arrives at our office, we will promptly evaluate it and contact you with a final price. If you accept our offer payment is by bank transfer. However, if you would rather have your watch mailed back to you, we will do so for free through the same highly secure Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack.

Recieve  a quote on the jewellery you wish to sell today just fill in our enquiry form below with a few details about your jewellery and a member of our appriasal team will get back to you today.

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