Selling your engagement ring can be an emotional process no matter the circumstances. A divorce or breakup, for example, may make you want to sell.

Although there is no reason to rush selling your ring as the process of getting through your divorce and starting your new life can take a while.

Your diamond engagement ring is an asset and selling it can help with moving on in the process. You might not be sure about selling your engagement ring yet, and that’s okay. After all, it symbolizes something that was meaningful. But do you really want to see it staring up at you every time you open your jewelry box? It can also help to provide fast cash and which is always a bonus especially if your going through a divorce.

Just take a minute to think about the many ways you would spend an extra couple of thousand extra pounds of even a few hundreds.

 You could put it into your savings account, or use it to pay off any outstanding debts  Maybe you would use it for your child’s education, to pay the bills, or to take a much needed holiday.

Your engagement ring can become a financial gain and should be considered as such — when you’re ready to part with it, of course.

Here at  it’s not easy parting with your engagement ring.  When the time comes to sell your engagement ring, we know you want a trustworthy, understanding company to walk you through the process who can offer you the best possible price for your diamond ring.

We specialize in buying diamond rings as well as helping you sell other types of jewellery. We want to make this as simple as possible for you and help you get the best price when selling your diamond ring.

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You may wonder if you should sell your engagement ring after you get divorced. It’s a very personalchoice for anyone to make some people may want to hold onto their ring.

But no matter who you are, selling your diamond to it’s a perfectly understandable thing to do.

Engagement rings are not run-of-the-mill pieces of jewelry. They generally have a lot of emotional and sentimental value – positive or negative – attached to them.

The decision to sell your ring should not be taken lightly you need to be sure you want to part with it. But you also shouldn’t be afraid to let go of your ring when you feel your happy to.

When your emotionally ready to let go of your ring, you will probably know it. You will think it’s time to release yourself from all the emotional clutter and baggage that comes with an engagement ring.

And if you decide to sell, you will want to make sure your getting the absolute best price for your diamond ring.

One of the most important reasons you might want to sell your engagement ring is to get extra cash lets face it divorce can be costly with court fees ect.

But since used diamonds don’t generally appreciate in value over time like stocks or bonds, the only way to earn a return on this asset is by selling it.

Preowned engagement rings are valuable assets but unlike collectable items or antiques, they don’t help you financially by sitting in your jewellery box.

However, once you sell that ring, you can take the proceeds and put it into another investment like stocks or bonds or a saving account that will increase in value.

Even if you decide not to invest the cash you receive from the sale right away, it’s still money in your pocket that you wouldn’t be earning if you kept hold of your ring. 

So, the financial value you receive from its sale is perhaps the most important reason why you should definitely consider selling your engagement ring today.

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