Here at we pay top prices for gold, and diamond jewelery selling with us is simple and secure.  You can recieve a fast payment get cash within 24 hours of accepting our offer.  We provide this online service to all areas of Surrey including

Weybridge, Guilford, Richmond Upon Thames, Sutton, Epsom, Banstead, Camberley, Horley and other areas of Surrey.

We have built up lots of clients from this area – Here at will buy your gold if you live in Surrey. Sell your gold and diamond jewellery or other items of precious metals. We pay prices for gold, we work on the current most up to date gold prices which are updated daily to ensure you receive the best price for you jewelery.

As a trusted, well established business online gold buyer, we offer higher prices than jewellers on the highstreet, selling with us is Simple, just fill in our online enquiry form below with a few details about your gold jewellery, such as the karat and the weight ( If known) we will then let you know our offer, if your happy with our offer we will then email you a pre-paid postage label so you can send your jewellery to our valuations department free of charge and fully insured.

We will then test your jewellery and let you know our final offer if you choose to accept our offer payment is via bank transfer and takes just 1 working day to clear, if you do not wish to accept our offer then we simply return your jewellery free of charge via fully insured and tracked royal mail.

Why Sell With ?

Price  –  We work on the current gold price which changes daily to ensure we offer the best possible and most up to date price.

Secure Service – Selling with us is simple and secure our online service means you can send your jewellery to us free of charge, fully insured and you will also receive a tracking number once posted.  Your package is opened on CCTV at our valuations department for added security.

Receive A Fast Payment – Once we have tested your jewelery if you have accepted our offer we will transfer the funds to your account, via bank transfer this takes just 1 working day.

What are you waiting for if your looking to sell your unwanted gold, and diamond jewellery and you live in Surrey look no further!

So Firstly just gather the details of your gold if known, if you are not sure then please upload a few photos of the jewelery you wish to sell.


The first step in preparing to get cash for your gold is understanding exactly what you have. These characteristics include:

  • The Karat of gold: Is it 9ct,18ct 22ct ect most jewellery has a hallmark that tells you what karat your gold is. We have detailed below what hallmarks to look for.
  • Know the weight- To receive a quote for your gold you will need to try and find out the weight in grms you can use simple kitchen scales just to get an idea of the weight in grms, this won’t be 100% accurate but it will allow you to receive an estiamte.
  • Are there any gemstones or diamonds in the gold ? If so you should normally receive a price for the gemstones if they are precious and for the diamonds as well as the gold.
  • Age: When the jewellery was originally bought. Jewellery over 20 years old can be considered vintage (as long as it was not mass produced), and over 100 years old it is considered antique.
  • Wear: If the jewellery shows any signs of wear such as scratches or missing diamonds this can detract from the value and if it’s plain gold that’s broken ect it’s classed as scrap gold.

How to find out what Karat your gold is?

9 Carat Gold ( 375 )

9 carat gold usually consists of one of the following hallmarks, 375 would be the purity mark sometimes this can be stamped just 9ct or 9k depending on the country of origin.

10 carat Gold ( 417 )

10 carat gold usually consists of one of the following hallmarks, 417 would be the purity mark but can also be stamped just 10k.

14 carat Gold ( 585 )

14 carat gold usually consists of the following hallmark, 585 would be the purity mark but can also be stamped 14kt or just 14k depending on the country of origin.

15 carat Gold ( 625 )

15 carat gold is pretty rare and seldom seen much these days but if you should come across some it would usually be hallmarked, 625 for its purity or more common is to see just 15 or 15k stamped into pieces of jewellery.

18 carat Gold ( 750 )

18 carat gold consists of the following hallmark, 750 would be its purity mark but often can be stamped just 18k, 18 or 18kt depending on the country of origin.

22 carat Gold ( 916 )

22 carat gold is generally quite rare in the UK but very popular in far eastern countries, its quite common not to find hallmarks on some pieces of 22 carat jewellery but when you do it would usually be stamped just 916 (22) or 22ct.

24 carat Gold ( 999 ) ( 999.9 )

24 carat gold is seldom used for jewellery production here in the UK but occasionally does get used in far eastern countries, 24 carat gold is usually reserved for Bullion Bars and Gold coin production. The hallmark is 990, 999 or even 999.9 in very high purity.

Paperwork – Try to find any paperwork you have to go with the gold jewellery as this will help you accurately assess the characteristics of your jewellery while proving their authenticity to potential buyers.

Useful jewellery documents include: Origional Receipts , Valuations, Appraisals ect

However if you don’t have any paperwrok you can still sell your jewellery. You can either simply fill in our online enquiry form below to receive your quote or send your jewellery to us by requesting a pre-paid pack which covers insurance so we can give you an expert evaluation and a final price offer. Or you can take your jewellery to a local jeweller to get a rough idea of these characteristics (you do not need a written appraisal).


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