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You may wish to sell your diamond rings and jewelry for a variety of reasons: in order to raise cash, to upgrade your jewelry collection or to simply let go of jewelry that they no longer wear. There are lots of options to sell your unwanted diamond jewellery nowadays such as pawnbrokers to jewelers to online diamond ring buyers. But how can you get the best possible price for your diamond?

When selling diamond jewelry  you will not only do you want the highest possible price you can get. But you will also want to consider how to sell diamond rings securely and how long the process will take.  To further understand your options we will take a closer look at how each option compares:


If you have ever tried to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry to a pawnbroker or a local jeweller, you know how low the offers can sometimes be. The reason pawn shops and jewelers offer so little is that they have to pay for the storefront and also their employees.  Additionally, pawnbrokers can sometimes lack the diamond knowledge and expertise to offer strongly on diamond items. Unable to accurately price diamonds results in lower offers, as pawnbrokers do not want to risk making a loss.   I know this as I used to work for pawnbrokers and have seen this firsthand I’m not saying they are all the same as some of they do have qualified and knowledgeable staff but alot don’t.

It is also worth pointing out that not all jewelry stores will be interested in your  diamond item.  It depends entirely on their customer base and if it’s something they can put in their window to sell.

If you are looking for a quicker way to sell diamond rings, jewelry or loose diamonds for the best price then you should consider selling diamonds online.


Ebay might seem like a great option but it has its drawbacks.  Firstly with so many sellers your piece of jewellery can sometimes get lost in the thousands upon thousands of other pieces for sale on eBay. In fact the majority of purchases are made by diamond dealers and jewellers looking for a profitwhich can put you at a disadvantage when selling.

Without any diamond knowledge or the help of a diamond expert, you won’t be able to know if you are pricing your item correctly or selling it too cheaply.

Second, your jewellery won’t sell as quickly, and you sometimes have to wait longer for money that you need. This can take weeks, months or may not even sell because many buyers like to be able to see jewelry in person before buying.There is also a trust issue to be considered when dealing with the public instead of professionals.  Receiving the payment safely and on time depends on the seller. This makes looking where to sell diamond ring challenging and online diamond expert options an attractive alternative.

Ebay  is not a free service and you have to pay a listing fee and sale fee. Be sure you know the final amount that will be due to you should your diamond ring sell.


Selling your ring privately is another options it may be difficult to sell diamond wedding ring, jewelry and loose diamonds direct to members of the public due to the stigma attached to a secondhand ring.  A lot of buyers want to purchase a brand new ring especially if it’s an engagement ring. fulfills that role for you, eliminating any questions from the buyer.


Our diamond graders and jewellery experts will give you the best possible price on your diamonds.  We have built up strong relationships with a large network of buyers which enables us sell your diamonds and jewellery fast.  Anyone wondering where to sell diamonds will be happy to know that our experts are all qualified diamond graders and can give you the maximum price. Find out how much your diamond ring is worth.

When selling your diamond jewellery to, not only do we give you the an accurate quote based on the information you provide us with initially but we also provide you with free shipping which covers insurance.  After receiving your jewelry or diamonds at our valuations department , we will accurately appraise your piece then make you a great offer. If you accept our offer we transfer the funds to your bank account or papyal account, if you do not wish to accept our offer we simply send your jewellery back to you the same way with fully trackable and insured shipping at no cost to you. is an online buyer of jewellery and diamonds  you can sell from anywhere within the UK.  Our process just complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you with an initial estimate. Then we will send you a free prepaid pack shipping covering insurance for you to send your rings, jewelry or loose diamond to us for an expert valuation.

For a free no obligation quotation simply fill out our online enquiry form with a few details of the items you wish to sell and we will reply to you within 24hours.

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