If you are looking to sell your diamond engagement ring following your divorce buymyjewellery.com offers you a hassle free, secure service . Typically the diamond ring no longer has the sentimental value that makes it worth keeping and you would prefer to spend the money tied up in what is usually a valuable asset. Before selling your engagement think about how badly you want the cash and educate yourself about the value of the ring to determine whether selling it makes sense.

If you sell an engagement ring, diamond wedding ring or wedding band to a private individual, it may take quite a while to find the right buyer and get the amount your happy with. When you sell a diamond engagement ring it can help you financialy. Selling an engagement ring can be a fast way to release funds to pay a debt or anything that may arise from a divorce. If you’re looking to release funds quickly, there are places both online and on the High Street that offer quick quotes and cash payments but you will have to accept less than the jewellery’s true market value.

A lot of the time engagement rings are inherited – Engagement rings are one of the most commonly passed down through generations and sometimes rare, vintage and antique engagement rings, that can be very valuable. Of course there are lots of options out there to sell a piece of jewellery:

Selling Engagement Rings at Auction

Basically, your ring is sold to the highest bidder after an auction process. The benefit is that you have achieved your goal however there is no comeback if you’re unhappy with the end result. You can set a reserve price below which the ring won’t sell but you risk not selling it if the reserve is not met. There are fees associated with buying and selling at auction. Make sure you know exactly how much commission the auction house will charge you before you start the process of selling. Selling on eBay or Craigslist can also present with its own problems.

Selling your engagement ring with us

Buymyjewellery.com is a reputable company that makes the process of selling your engagement ring effortless. We make our process as simple as possible so you to get the cash for your jewelry quickly. You can use our website and provide us with details of your jewelry by filling in the online enquiry form . A member of our appraisal team will then contact you with an initial estimate of your diamond’s value. If you are still interested in selling your diamond, we will send you out a prepaid pack which is free and covers full insurance so that our appraisers can value your diamond.

Once your jewellery arrives at our valuations department we will let you know and begin our we appraisal of your ring, we will then make you an offer.. If you accept our offer we then transfer the funds into your bank account. Our customer service and experience in the jewellery and diamond industry makes it easy and convenient for you to sell your diamond. Let our expertise help you have one less worry through your divorce.

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