When it comes time to selling your estate jewellery, it is important to work with knowledgeable, experienced professionals that right expertise to accurately assess and value your jewellery.

Whether you are selling an antique ring or inherited jewellery, you deserve an honest valuation and the very best.

Using our secure online service, we make the process of selling your jewellery hassle free and safe.

From start to finish, we are fully committed to offering the best service and price when you sell estate and antique jewellery, while ensuring an easy and secure process.


Our online process is easy and you can rest assured that your jewellery is safe at all times,  from the moment you send your jewellery to us your pieces are fully insured.  Even when they arrive at our valuations department they are opened on CCTV by a member of our appraisal team. We offer highly competitive prices for gold, silver and diamond jewellery and all of our team of valuers are fully qualified with over 30 years expereince in the industry. We have a great network of specialist jewellery buyers here in the UK which means we can offer you the best price. 


See what our most recent customers are saying about our service : 


Great service! Kristin was very responsive to my query and I received an in depth evaluation of my jewellery! Would definately use again!SELL GOLD ONLINE

Helen Capstick reviewed – 

 Excellent company! When it came to selling some old jewellery I received prompt and efficient service and a fair price. I have recommended to a friend as I was so impressed.


  1. Firstly just fill in our online enquiry form with the details about the jewellery you wish to sell and upload a few photos.
  2. Based on the provided information, we will provide you with an inital estimate which is based on the most upto date market value.
  3. If your happy with our estimate we can send you our one of our pre-paid fully insured packs for you to send your jewellery to our valuations department free of charge.
  4. When your jewelry arrives at our valuations department it will be opened on Camera for added piece of mind.  
  5. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and once we have carried our appraisal we will contact you with our final offer. the offer. If you Approve the final offer payment is via bank transfer which takes up to 48hours , and the money is yours!
  6. If you do not wish to accept our offer then we simply return your jewellery free of charge vai fully insured and tracked mail.


When selling estate jewellery it is important to know the different kinds of pieces there are and how they are classified. Estate jewellery is defined as any jewellery that is pre-owned, however it is most often used when discussing items belonging to a deceased individual as a part of their overall ‘estate’. Antique jewellery is a term for jewellery pieces that are at least 100 years old, and can in itself include other classifications. For example, Art Deco jewelry is at this point considered to be antique. 
Antique jewellery may also include the following:

  • Georgian period jewellery
  • Early Victorian jewellery
  • Mid-Victorian jewellery
  • Late Victorian jewellery
  • Memento Mori jewellery
  • Arts and Crafts Era jewellery
  • Art Deco jewellery
  • Art Nouveau jewellery
  • Edwardian jewellery
  • Retro jewellery
  • Art Organique jewellery

While fine contemporary jewellery is very popular and is always in demand, it is also abundant on the market.Rare estate jewellery is usually unique and many pieces are one of a kind or are among just a few known to be in existence, making it even more important to know what you have. What you need to consider when selling Antique and Estate jewellery. Family heirlooms, particularly jewellery, can be very valuable depending on their condition, age, rarity and other factors. Antique rings have become popular items owing to their uniqueness and beautiful craftsmanship. That is why it’s so important to deal with a Company who have the right expertise and experience to accurately assess your jewellery. All of our appraisal team are fully qualified to value diamonds and gemset pieces including watches.  Additionally, we will find the right buyers who are interested in antique and estate pieces, thereby making it very easy for you to get a fair price for your antique ring. 

Rarity – The most important factor when selling antique and estate diamond jewellery is determining their rarity.Even if the piece is only in fair condition, if it is rare its value can still be fairly high. The professionals at are exceptionally knowledgeable about the jewelry industry and current market value and will be able to determine the rarity. This is an important step in evaluating the market price of such an item. 

Condition – This is also an improtant factor to consider to determine the value of your antique ring is its condition. Our jewellery valuers  will look at the ring/rings to see if any stones have been replaced or if any stones are missing from the piece.Antique rings that are no longer in their original state can lose alot of value. The wear in respect to the item’s age will also be evaluated. As you may expect, antique pieces that have a generally got some signs of wear have less value than those in more pristine condition. While your jewelry will be cleaned before it is evaluated, if there is foreign matter that cannot be removed that will affect the value of your item. Finally, a member of our appraisal team will determine if the jewellery has any discoloration or damage or other imperfections ect. 

Overall Quality – The actual gemstones and precious metals that compose the piece of jewellery pays an important role in the total value. Antique rings that are still in their original state will generally be more valuable than modified jewellery. If you plan on selling an antique ring, it is important that you do not alter it because in most cases this will only decrease the overall value. If your ring is in need of repair, it should only be repaired by a professional so it is not damaged or significantly altered. Additionally, if you need to resize your antique ring, it should only be done by a professional and the alteration should be nearly invisible.   

HOW TO GET THE MOST WHEN SELLING ESTATE JEWELLERY Traditionally, when selling estate or antique jewellery, a lot of time and energy is spent trying to find the right buyer and getting all the information needed. It can be a lot of messing around and someties frustrating and you may not even receive an offer or a price your not happy to sell for. Here are just some of the ways gets you more for your jewellery:

  • Diamond Grading and Gemologist- As mentioned earlier it’s important that the person who is carrying out your valuation has the correct expertise to accurately assess your pieces.
  • You can rest assured that all of our appraisal team are fully qaulified and have the expereience that’s needed to carry out an accurate valuation.
  • No logistics required- From shipping to getting you a final offer we have got it covered.
  • Not only do we insure the shipment, but we’ll also arrange  this for free we can send out out one of our fully insured pre-paid packs so you can post your items with piece of mind at a time that’s convient for you.
  • Knowledge of the current market, we work on the most up to date market value and have experinece of the values on the current market to ensure you get the best price possible.

WHY SELL ESTATE JEWELLERY Many sellers have different reasons for selling estate or antique jewellery, some of them simply do not wish to wear or use the pieces, and others wish to make the most of their value for a specific expenditure. Some even use the funds for a memor holiday or a future event. 

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